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Leírás As we reach the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century, it seems ironic that we still look to the recent past to create interiors that are in the vanguard of fashion. But our passion for retro style shows no signs of fading. From the cerebral elegance of mid-century modern to the flamboyant opulence of the 1970s, retro interiors still have enormous appeal. In Living Retro, Andrew Weaving celebrates retro style in all its guises. It's a multi-faceted look that embraces many different decorative styles, but has at its heart an abiding passion for vintage furniture and an understanding of the very best of twentieth-century design. The interiors featured are varied in style, ranging from a slick, minimalist loft in London to an eclectic Parisian home full of found objects and a New York apartment that's a quirky cocktail of colour and pattern. But these diverse interiors have one thing in common - they all put their own unique spin on retro style. In this glorious book, Andrew Weaving explores inspiring and varied homes around the world that showcase retro style, and offers a privileged glimpse into Living Retro - a completely contemporary way of living.
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