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Leírás The air seemed like an oven, and a haze hung between us and the sky. The faded landscape resembled nothing so much as a Polaroid photograph whose colours have not quite come out properly. This Africa was no traditional beauty; it was much more than that: it was a dream. This was a land of unimagined vastness, with plains that rolled elegantly Into the distance, dotted with trees whose sharply outlined shapes were like cut-out silhouettes. This was a realm of mountains that rose, menacing and unsettling, from the point where they merged imperceptibly Into the green plains at their foot. It was a place of secrets, promising adventure and an encounter with a culture that could never be fully comprehended. Africa awakens the explorer in its visitors; they journey hour after hour through the bush in the hope of glimpsing the shadow of a leopard, herds of buffalo transforming a river into a foaming brown torrent, or elephants striding majestically toward their unknown destination. It is the excitement of the wild, of the unpredictable, and of danger that is the essence of these journeys of exploration - combined with the assurance of security. They travel with a ranger who knows every inch of the ground, in a jeep whose four-wheel drive can cope with the most precarious situation, and there will be a camp able to conjure up English tea, a hot shower, and a four-poster bed in the midst of nowhere, "Safari lodge" may be a much-used marketing expression, but It captures the essential idea: a hotel or private house that Invites guests to enter a different world of gnarled wood, rattan furniture, fabrics with exotic patterns, and fascinating art - all this with the creature comforts of home, even luxury. The lodges take care that no one gets lost In these unaccustomed realms. And here and there will be some amusing detail, a combination of the new and the familiar, such as a palm tree sketched out on the bathroom wall as if growing out of the cistern, a room divider of glass beads, or a curious giraffe peering in through the window. Discoveries like these are waiting to be made at the safari lodges on these pages - and almost all are available for bookings. Perhaps that Is the best aspect of all: the dream of Africa can become a reality.
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